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Technical Documentation

We will create plant-specific manuals and details for your turbogenerator on your behalf. Instead of general instructions, we describe the turbogenerator of your power plant as it is actually installed in the system. We represent the operational functions and explain the operating processes of the ancillary facilities. The operating staff will also receive a valid operating manual for the plant. We check the system schematics with the actual execution status. To do this, we also redraw the schemes in a colour version. We create digital photos of the sub-aggregates, explain the function or meaning and process the data in the text pages of the manual. For direct application on a PC, Ingenieurbüro Schroeter also creates the manuals as an interactive CD version. The CD version of the manual is compatible with all widely used computers or online. The pages are directly readable and can be printed immediately. Extensive search functions allow you to find topics quickly and easily throughout the manual.


System technology

Within the power plant, the turbo-generator is an important component of the overall system. The conversion of kinetic energy into electricity takes place here in a compact, detailed construction.

Manufacturer-independent, Ingenieurbüro Schroeter advises on all questions related to the generator:
– Operating behaviour stator, rotor exciter, sealing oil supply, gas supply, primary water supply etc.
We carry out plant inspections and operational inspections, prepare the reports and submit our recommendations before or during revisions. We carry out company-based training for your employees and explain instructions on site.


Facility services

Our facility services for turbo-generators at a glance:

  • Conducting external audits
  • Organising external work
  • Heavy transport for components

In addition, we provide spare parts for your generator and other components in the power plant, independent of manufacturer

Ingenieurbüro Schroeter in Hamm

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